Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

While every business wants to think Rapid today, they are unsure of how to adopt it. This is where Neutrinos low-code platform can help. We constantly work towards creating an agile environment where high standards of excellence and enterprise-grade app development are a given.


Neutrinos is a Law-Code High Productivity Application Platform-as-a-Service(hapPass) for enterprises to innovate and build unified, omni channel salutations, rapidly. Our innovative salutation enable enterprises to embark on the digital transformation journey by adapting to the largest technologies and embracing RPA, AI, Mobile, Web, Machine Learning, Big Data, BPM, IoT and Social Media Integration.

Pillars Of Neutrinos


An IDE for developing apps that contain a base workspace and an extensive plug-in/widget system for customization. The drag-and- drop feature makes app development quick and easy.


Once the application is built using Neutrinos Keepr and Neutrinos Console, it is hosted on Neutrinos Art. Art is the API run time engine of Neutrinos, which contains all the REST Services (CRUD DB Operation), Rendition Engine for all UI, Smart Libraries, and a set of APIs.


Link applications to backend systems, ESBs, Cloud Services, databases, etc. and build microservices. Use the serverless computing feature to develop applications such as a suite of independently deployable, small, modular services.


The marketplace of Neutrinos is a self-service centre with pre-built, reusable and standardized digital assets like widgets, micro services, SmartApp templates and, pre-defined data models.


Neutrinos Modelr allows developers to visually model their services. These services can be modeled over protocols like HTTP/S, MQTT/S etc, with runtime environments.

Neutrinos Works with

Visual Modeling

Build complex UIs and prototypes with ease, using a simple drag-and-drop modeling interface

AI/ML Capabilities

Integrate AI and ML capabilities out of box for functionalities such as image analytics, intelligent workflows and virtual agents

Smart Libraries

Integrate with legacy applications and use predefined templates and themes to jump start applications

Internet of Things

Integrate with multiple connectivity protocols, end-to-end security models, support for multiple gateway devices, rich data analytics, machine learning and visualizing techniques

App Lifecycle Management

Design, develop, test, deploy, analyse, and manage applications seamlessly

Cloud First

Build enterprise-class, cloud-ready apps using the cloud-first design and architecture approach

Native Capabilities

Add camera, signature, and geo-tagging capabilities to applications with ease

No lock in

Use what you build independently and integrate with your existing ecosystem / cloud platform

Neutrinos Works with

Neutrinos is a robust platform that is built on easily available technologies such as HTML, CSS, Javascript and MEAN Stack. The Platform offers seamless integration capabilities across thousands of widgets, microservices, backend services and connect allowing userĀ  to build fully integrated and high performance solutions.

The Neutrinos Edge


Access to unlimited widgets and apps for subscribe Enterprises. Flexible licensing options and competitive pricing for partner.

Nimble Infrastructure

Open Source software and low footprint hardware that can be sized based on volume.

Plug & Play Model

One-time development which can be deploy across multiple channels with a single code base.

No Lock In

Applications built independently can be integrated with existing ecosystem/cloud platform.

Platform Agnostic

Existing investments can be leveraged by using what is build with any DB, ECM, BPM, ESB engine and AI Service.

Disruptive Edge

Stay ahead by harnessing the built-in capabilities for futuristic tech like IoT, AI, RPA, etc.

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